Puppy training (Age from 0-16 Weeks)

One to One Puppy Consultations - £125

A new puppy in the household is exciting and fun but can also be hard work!  A puppy consultation is designed to help you get things right from the start which is a lot easier than trying to sort out problems later on. Our puppy consultations are educational platforms for learning how to shape your new puppy's behaviour Keith will guide you and provide you with the knowledge to create the perfect relationship with your new puppy based on loving leadership resulting in a friendly, well-behaved and happy future adult dog.

Our Puppy Consultations are held with Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru'  at our Dog Training & Behaviour Centre in Co. Armagh .   Each session last 1hour 30 mins and during the consultation Keith will cover topics such as:

How puppies learn.
How to set positive boundaries within your home.
Successful puppy potty toilet training.
Crate Training for your new puppy
Preventing puppy chewing and destructive behaviour.
How to best introduce your puppy to the lead.
Easy puppy obedience and positive behaviour shaping.
 Puppy handling and puppy grooming.

Preventing separation anxiety in your puppy and adult dog.
How to play with your puppy.
How to socialise your puppy.
 Puppy playbiting and how to prevent it.
 Puppy fearfulness and prevention of phobias.
Puppy car travel.
How to squash unwanted behaviour.
How to prevent aggression.

These are just a few of the subjects that are covered thoroughly during our One to One Puppy Consultation.

Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru' will introduce you to his "Calmness Leads To Reward" internationally acclaimed positive dog training & dog behaviour method.

Keith has a wealth of knowledge which he has acquired over a lifetime from working with all breeds of dogs in different situations. 

He has a unique intuitive skill and is able to tune into the energy of those that he works with both human and animal, he prides himself in being able to assist dog owners in overcoming their dog’s problems even when all other trainers and behaviourist's have failed.

Book Your Puppy Consultation Online Now - The fee for this Service is £125

1-2-1 Consultations are normally only available on Fridays.   The calendar below shows  the next available Friday, simply click on the date and choose your appropriate time slot and follow the booking process.  Alternatively if Fridays do not suit, please feel free to call us on 0773 928 2066 and we will try our very best to accommodate you.