Certificate of pedigree for COPPERBIRCH LANCELOT

Breed: Labrador Retriever Sex: Dog Colour:  
Date of Birth:   Bred by: Keith Mathews

Parents Grandparents G-Grandparents G-G-Grandparents G-G-G-Grandparents


Open Ftw Pitternhill Arthur Of Tasco


Ftch Waterford Ganton


Ftw Endacott Kite Of Chisbrook

Ftch Hatchfield Fergal

Ftch Kenue Fir Of Leadburn

Ftch Lettermore Tide Of Hatchfield

Ftw Endacott Spindle

Ftw Ewshot Liffey

Endacotts Queen


Ftch Waterford Easter

Ftch Dipplelodge Raven Of Riversway

Ftch Endacott Soames Of Riversway

Ftw Dolbrenin Sian

Ftch Waterford Covey

Flash Laddie Of Eastdale

Ftch Crosbyrose Piper Of Waterford


Highlandbrae Harmony


Ftch Brindlebay Butler

Ftch Brindlebay Jude

Intftch Saxthorpe Buzzard Of Brindlebay

Ftw Saxthorpe Domino Of Brindlebay

Ftch Mansengreen Bizzy Of Brindlebay

Bringwood Bo Of Bedgebrook

Ftch Shorthorn Ninja Of Masengreen (2nd Igl 2000)


Hyndford Heartbeat Of Highlandbrae

Ftw Aithiness Hail

Ftch Lettermore Trout

Ftch Stormwatch Farr

Talsbrook Rhona

Ftw Bridgestone Charlie

Ftw Styperson Swallow


Copperbirch Ceili


Open Ftw Greenbriar Falkland


Ftch Hatchfield Fergal

Ftch Kenue Fir Of Leadburn

Intftch Theowoweir Turramurra Teal 1st Ikc 1994

Ftch Croftweit Solo

Ftch Lettermore Tide Of Hatchfield

Ftch Pocklea Remus 1st Igl 1991

Lettermore Hope


Ftw Greenbriar Solitaire

Ftch Pocklea Remus 1st Igl 1991

Ftch Haretor Mark Of Drakeshead

Ftw Drakeshead Gypsy

Fobbingacres Fern Of Greenbriar

Ftch Raughlin Pete Of Drakeshead Ist Igl 1992

Drakeshead Myth Of Fobbingacre


Ftch Ernvale Maud (winner Irish Retriever Year 2008)


Ftch Pocklea Bracken Berry (winner Danish Champ 2006)

Ftch Saxaphone Express

Ftch Lafayette Tolley (3rd Igl 1995)

Ftw Mallowdale Dora Of Saxaphone

Ftw Pocklea Nettle

Ftch Aughacasla Sam Of Drakeshead

Ftw Middlegate Dash


Ftw Fernshot Amber

Ftch Baildonian Baron Of Craighorn 3rd Igl Champ 1997

Ftw Gilmor Arrow Of Pocklea

Baildonian Tina

Ftch Millbuies Milly

Ftch Aughacasla Sam Of Drakeshead

Ftch Morayglen Megan Of Millbuies (2nd Igl Champ 1996)

Name of Kennel: Copperbirch Labradors

Keith Mathews, Orchard Cottage, 14 Ballyshiel Road, Tandragee, Co. Armagh N.Ireland, BT62 2HX

Tel: 0044 773 928 2066

email: keith@keiththedogguru.com

web: www.copperbirch.net

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