"Have you ever heard the saying it's not the dog needs training, it's the owner"

Our '6 Session Transformations' are exactly that. They are intensive, personalised, one to one, dog and owner transformation programmes, designed to give you the dog of your dreams faster than anyone else.  Our '6 Session Transformations' are an excellent choice for dog and puppy owners who want the expert guidance to get to get things right from the start.  They are also particularly suitable as rehabilitation programmes for dogs that are aggressive or reactive or dogs suffering from anxiety issues or any other behavioural programme.   For those owners who simply want to gain intensive knowledge and acquire the tools to train their dog to its highest potential level, then our '6 Session Transformation Programmes' are the ultimate choice for you.

We offer 4 different personalised option packages to suit you and your dogs needs.  Which include complete Puppy packages, Reactive dog programmes, Behavior packages and Complete intensive training programmes.  Each option is offered as a complete package, providing savings off our normal fees.

Each of the 4 different options offered, are personally delivered by the ‘Dog Guru himself, Keith Mathews.

All 6 options include:

  • An initial 1-2-1 Consultation’s: Normally Held our Dog Guru Centre in Markethill, Co. Armagh or alternatively as a zoom consultation if travelling is not an option.   Keith will provide you with the personalised coaching to get the very best from your dog, teaching you the tools and providing the knowledge to realign your relationship with your dog.
  • Home Visit: Each of our options includes at least one ‘Home Visit’.  Keith will visit your home and based on your home environment and lifestyle will personally design a home management plan with a daily programme for you to follow with your dog.  While with you he will show you how to implement daily training, stimulation, and bonding exercises, which you can then continue to practice, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Dog Training Class: Each of our options includes enrolment on our Done in 3 - Level 1 ‘The Essentials '  “Calmness Leads to Reward” ® dog training class.  These classes are held at one of our nationwide venues, and are perfect for socialisation and interaction with the added distraction of other dogs and people.  During this course you will be provided with a written blueprint with daily exercises to implement and practice as homework in between classes.  This 3-week certificate course forms a necessary part of ‘proofing’ your dog’s training as part of the '6 Session Transformation'. 

What Makes Our System So Unique:

What makes our system so unique, is that unlike others, we do not primarily focus on the symptomatic behaviour first.  Instead, we focus on the reasons for your dog’s emotional behaviour. We get to the source, the root cause and identify the triggers, thought patterns, learned behaviours, and experiences. We then apply multiple positive techniques to change your dog’s perception, helping them address the fears and anxieties at the core of their unwanted behaviour.

We apply similar cognitive therapy techniques used in human psychotherapy .  We provide you with the knowledge, teaching you the tools required to give your dog the confidence, to allow them to process and change their behaviour which ultimately results in permanently fixing their problems forever.

Time Frame: 

Each stage of our programmes is delivered in a time frame appropriate to you and your dog’s progress. When your dog is ready and one stage is complete, we move onto the next.  In most cases the full programme is completed inside 6 weeks.

Expert Coaching: 

Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru' is an expert in dealing with problematic canine behaviours.  Over the last 30 years, he has successfully travelled the world and worked with tens of thousands of dogs and their owners.  He has cured every possible behavioural complex imaginable.  Keith prides himself in being able to assist owners in overcoming their dog’s problems even when all other dog trainers and behaviourist's have failed.  

During the programme Keith will introduce you to his positive dog training methodology, “Calmness Leads to Reward” ® and provide you with the tools and knowledge, so that you can truly ‘Think Dog’.  He will teach you how to communicate with your dog, in a way that they understand.  When implemented fully, the results will truly astound you. 

Pay in 3. Easy Payment Option: 

It is possible to pay the total programme investment fee in 3 easy stages.  Simply choose the 'Paypal Pay in 3' option on our shopping cart to avail of this service'

To get started on your dog's transformation, click on your option choice below. Follow the online steps to make your booking.  Upon receipt we will get in touch to arrange the date for your first initial consultation.

If you are still unsure which option to choose, then why not book your initial 121 Consultation as a starting point, during this Consultation Keith will then advise on your best option moving forward.

Click on the link to book a 121 Consulatation only :  1-2-1 BEHAVIOURAL CONSULTATION