Keith's Philosophy

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is a pioneering, innovative, cognitive, FORCE FREE and POSITIVE dog training and behaviour philosophy.  Uniquely developed by Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru' and formulated from his practical work and 30 years study of canine behaviour.

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is based on a true understanding of animal psychology and the dogs innate primal instinct for the survival of the family pack unit. 

Evolved from Keith's lifelong study of canine behaviour and primarily the interaction and communication between the mother and her litter of new born puppies. “Calmness Leads to Reward” ®" is a holistic dog training and behaviour method which incorporates two core fundamentals, that of 'Behaviour Family Management' and 'The Education of Communication Cues' through positive learning.

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is unique, unlike other methods, we do not primarily focus on the symptomatic behaviour first. Instead, we focus on the reasons for your dog’s behaviour. 

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is about getting to the source, the root cause and identifying the triggers, thought patterns, learned behaviours, and experiences.

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® applies similar cognitive therapy techniques used in human (CBT) therapy. 

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is about realigning the human dog relationship. We provide you with the knowledge, teaching you the tools required to give your dog the confidence, to allow them to process and change their perception, helping them address the fears and anxieties at the core of their unwanted behaviour which ultimately results in permanently fixing the problems forever.

Calmness Leads To Reward

“Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is a science orientated, holistic method, the processes may sound complicated, but the reality is the formula is logical and follows common sense.

Unlike other training programmes which tend to use treats with traditional conditioning methods.  “Calmness Leads to Reward” ® is about reading and redirecting the energy and emotions of your dog. It's about teaching, before training and uses only positive gentle methods, based on the timely consistent, reward of affection, with love, without the need for bribery through treats or gadgets.   

Emotion is at the core of any behavioural problem. Very often our dog's problems are caused by a lack of understanding of their needs resulting in a breakdown in communication between a dog and its owner.  We help you repair this breakdown by effectively becoming the translators between you and your dog.  This in part, helps establish or re-establish the partnership of trust, which is the key ingredient in any successful relationship.

Keith believes that it is our spiritual and moral duty when we bring a dog into our lives that we should love, teach, and communicate with them in a way that the dog understands.

The essence of Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru's’ “Calmness Leads to Reward” ® methodology. Is to develop human learning.  So that owners become effective 'dog parents'.  Therefore, strengthening the bond by teaching you, the owner, how to educate and communicate friendship, deep trust, and unconditional love to your dog.  Thus, nurturing the relationship between you both, in a uniquely healing and therapeutic way.

Why? because the dog in its infinite beauty deserves the opportunity to live its life as its authentic self, balanced and totally stress free in harmony with our human world

Keith will provide you with expert ongoing support.  He will tailor design your dog's training to start you on the journey of permanently transforming your dog’s behaviour giving both you and your dog the perfectly balanced, stress free, loving relationship

Keith is often described as having 'the magic touch' and is famous for his unique intuitive skills where he can tune into the energy of those that he works with both human and animal, he prides himself in being able to assist dog owners in overcoming their dog’s problems even when all other trainers and behaviourist's have failed.

Over the last 30 years Keith's “Calmness Leads to Reward” ® method of dog training and behaviour has helped thousands of dogs and owners globally.  His unique methods have been inspirational in encouraging others into the professional field of dog training and behaviour, and we hope he will continue to do so for many years to come.