Dog Guru Sweden


We offer monthly 'Retriever Training - Guru Style' workshops in the Skovde, Sweden  ( in conjunction with SSRK Vastra) and in Halmstad, Sweden (in conjunction with 'Halmstad Hundutbildning').

The workshops are divided into 7 different levels of education with over 60 different modules being taught over the workshop programme covering everything from Puppy Retriever Training  to Champion Retriever Training.

During these monthly workshops each participant is given an individual written training “Blueprint” with weekly lessons to follow and complete with their retriever gundog before the next training workshop.  Each handler is individually assessed by Keith at the end of each attainment level and certification is provided upon completion. 

Skovde Workshop Coordinator:  Margareta Stigson      Email:          (For Skovde Workshops contact Margareta directly)

Halmstad Workshop Coordinator: Stina Hagberg          Email:    (For Halmstad Workshops contact Stina directly)