International Retriever Training Workshops

Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru' is available globally and offers workshops and educational seminars on his world renown "Calmness Leads to Reward" and "Retriever Training - Guru Style" dog training and behaviour philosophies.

Keith's Aim 

The aim of his ‘Retriever Training – Guru Style’ workshops is to provide the opportunity for retriever owners to learn and develop their abilities to train and handle their gundogs to their highest potential level.
To encourage responsible and enjoyable gundog ownership, so that you can share the joys of training and working your gundog using only positive training methods.

To ensure that both you and your dog function as a coherent team; unified as one, to achieve the results of your dreams!!

What Makes Keith's Workshops so Unique

What makes Keith’s Gundog Workshops so unique is that he has a natural ability to teach and put his methods across in a highly informative and entertaining manner, he is famous for his witty ‘Irish Sense of Humour’.

30 Years Professional Experience

Having been a professional dog trainer and dog behaviourist and instructor for over 30 years, Keith has a wealth of knowledge which he has acquired from working with all breeds of dogs in different situations and he prides himself in being able to assist gundog owners and handlers in overcoming their gundog’s problems, when all other trainers have failed.

Keith has a lifetime of experience of developing training methods and techniques he is highly observant of dogs and their handler’s behaviours, he has the eye of a top coach and Field trial Judge,using this experience he is able to identify where problems are occurring and offer the reasons why, and from this develop strategies and techniques to overcome them to ensure that handlers get the very best from their gundog.

Highly Motivated

Attendees at workshops speak of being highly motivated; inspired to be creative and they leave Keith’s workshops feeling confident that they have acquired the knowledge to further advance their gundogs training.  .

Unique System of Education

Keith’s system of education is unique around the world; no other trainer has developed the expertise of delivery and fine-tuned easy lessons for you to follow like Keith has.   His method has been divided into 7 different levels of education with over 60 different modules from Puppy to Champion.   During his "Retriever Training - Guru Style" workshops each participant will be given an individual written training “Blueprint” with weekly lessons to follow.  This system has proved a huge hit globally.

Why Make The Sky Your limit, When You Can Reach For The Stars

An investment in a workshop with Keith Mathews ‘The Dog Guru’ is an investment in the future of training your gundog to the highest level and ensures that both you and your dog achieve the results of your dreams.  As Keith often says, "Why Make the Sky Your Limit, When You Can Reach For the Stars" .

Whether you are a newcomer with your first gundog or an experienced handler, everyone can learn from attending a ”Retriever Training – Guru Style , Workshop with Keith Mathews.

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