August 2022 Course


“Calmness Leads to Reward” Dog Training & Behavior Course

For all breeds and ages of dogs from 15 weeks with no upper age limit.  Maximum 8 participants per class.

TOTAL Course Price £125 
£50 Deposit + £75 Payable at First Class

Course Ref: CLR-August-22
Venue: Claddagh Lodge
Address: 6 Cladymore Rd, Markethill, BT60 2EX

Day: Saturdays

Times: 10.00am – 11.30am
Dates: Saturday 6th, 13th, 20th August 2022
Course Fee: £125 For 3 Week Intensive Course


“Calmness Leads To Reward” Dog Training & Behaviour Course

This course covers all aspects of dog training and behaviour management.  It covers everything from walking on the lead without pulling to improving recall  as well as exercises to teach you how to better manage your dog within your own home.   We only accept a  maximum of 8 participants per course. The course is suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs from 16 weeks with no upper age limit for enrolment.

Course Cost: £125  for a 3 week intensive course covering all aspects of dog training and behaviour split into 3 weekly 1½ hour weekly sessions.

Payment 1: £50 Deposit Payment 2: £75 payable at first class
To book the course Pay £50 Deposit online now with the remaining balance of £75 payable at the first class

Course Ref: CLR-AUGUST-22
Venue: Claddagh Lodge – Markethill -Co. Armagh
Venue Address: 6 Cladymore Rd, Markethill, BT60 2EX
Course Night/Day: Saturday

Times: 10.00AM -11.30AM
Week 1:  Sat 6th August
Week 2:  Sat 13th August
Week 3:  Sat 20th August
Course Cost: £125 For 3 Week Intensive Course


During the dog training course we will  teach you how to train and communicate with your dog using our uniquely developed “Calmness Leads to Reward” © formula for dog training & dog behaviour.

“Calmness Leads to Reward” is a philosophy Keith developed 25 years ago and is based on a true understanding of animal psychology and the dogs innate primal instinct for the survival of the family pack unit.

It is a holistic method which incorporates two core fundamentals that of ‘Behaviour Management’ and ‘Communication through Training’.

The Dog Guru’s  “Calmness Leads to Reward” © method ensures that the partnership of dog and owner is balanced, whole and complete.  “Calmness Leads to Reward” © uses only positive reward based dog training and behaviour methods which are based on timely, consistent, reward without the need for tit-bits or gadgets.

Keith believes that you should be able to communicate with your dog because of the bond that you build through mutual love and respect using a true understanding of animal psychology and not because you are bribing it with food.


Our objective over the 3 week course is to teach you how to transform your dog’s behaviour.  We want your dog to be a loving, calm family member one that understands the boundaries when living within your family unit. This ensures that both you and your dog can have a future stress free loving relationship.

Keith Mathews ‘The Dog Guru’ is an expert  in dog training & dog behaviour and he will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you successfully communicate with your dog positively and remedy any problems you are experiencing.

We have listed below some of the skills you and your dog will learn while attending our course:

  • We will show you how to teach your dog to be calm and balanced for your future stress free relationship. In order to do this we will show you how to teach them the necessary communication cues of Follow, Sit & Come.
  • During the programme we will teach you how to get your dog to walk on the lead calmly without pulling.
  • We will show you how to teach your dog to come when called.
  • We will educate and show you how to encourage good social skills with your dog, so that they don’t get over excited in different environments or when meeting new people or other dogs.
  • We will introduce you to games to play with your dog to help stimulate their mind and relieve boredom
  • Our course is designed to help prevent future behavioural problems and remedy any existing problematic behaviours through training.


£125 for a 3 week intensive programme, split into 3 weekly 1½ hour sessions.

The course cost includes:

  • A 3 week intensive dog training and behaviour course
  • FREE essential training equipment
  • FREE personal and on-going support and advice for the lifetime of your dog.

For £125 you will change the way your dog behaves forever. 


Keith will be available to fine tune your handling skills for the lifetime of your dog, this is his ongoing commitment to you.

We have an outstanding record of success.  Our Dog Training Programmes have been called astonishing and our Behaviourist and Trainer Keith Mathews ‘The Dog Guru’ likened to have the ‘magic’ touch.

Our “Calmness Leads To Reward” Dog Training & Behaviour Classes will transform the behaviour of your dog positively and you will be rewarded with the possession of a perfect companion who will excite admiration on every occasion.