Reiki First & Second Degree Training Workshops

Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands on healing technique that channels and rebalances the life force energy that exists within us to promote healing, relaxation and calmness in animals and humans.

It can provide many complimentary health benefits such as pain relief, rapid recovery and emotional balance helping animals and humans cope with stress, anxiety and the effects of trauma.

Every one has the power to heal themselves, others and animals by using energy.

At Dog Guru we offer Reiki training which allows you to become attuned to the basics of this ancient healing technique and if you desire the training we offer allows you to progress to become a fully qualified Reiki Practioner.  

You can expect a Reiki atunment to make radical changes to the way you think, work and relate to others. These changes can be attained by choosing the correct Reiki Master Teacher.

All our Reiki Training Courses are delivered by our Reiki Master Teacher Iris Mathews.   Iris worked for the National Health Service in Community Health, Health Promotion and Mental Health, where she worked with victims and survivors of the Northern Ireland Conflict who were dealing with Trauma and PTSD.
She discovered complimentary therapies in the 1990’s when introduced to Reiki by her son Keith. For over 20 years now she has been a Reiki Master Teacher registered with the UK Reiki Federation and has been delivering healing practices to humans and animals, large and small at her Airisu Holistic Therapy Centre in the Loire Valley, France.
A life long animal lover and a passionate dog owner.  Iris delivers regular Reiki Training Courses and Qualifications to individuals and small groups at our 'Dog Guru Centre' in Northern Ireland throughout the year.

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UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher