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Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru'

Keith Mathews The Dog Guru

Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru'

Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru' needs no introduction to the world of dogs.  For over 30 years, he has enriched the lives of thousands of dogs and their owners, curing every possible behavioural complex imaginable through his human teaching and canine education and healing programmes.  Keith prides himself in being able to assist owners in overcoming their dog’s problems, even when all other dog trainers and behaviourist's have failed.

Keith Mathews ‘The Dog Guru’ is Ireland’s most famous dog trainer and canine expert.  A champion dog breeder, Kennel Club Judge and Award-Winning Dog Trainer.  Keith is best known as the star of his own hit BBC television series “Good Dog Bad Dog” and is instantly recognisable from his many past appearances as the canine expert on the BBC's 'The One Show'.

He has travelled the world teaching his pioneering, innovative and uniquely developed, POSITIVE dog training and behaviour management methodology, which he calls “Calmness Leads to Reward” ®.  He makes regular monthly trips delivering a programme of trainer education to members of the Danish & Swedish Kennel Clubs.  He is an accomplished global public speaker and has delivered dog training and behaviour management seminars and workshops in more than 25 different countries around the world.

Keith is the founder of the Dog Guru brand, heads up all our dog training activities and oversees the day to day Management of all our Dog Guru Services.  

Iris Mathews - Head of Holistic Pet Therapies

Iris Mathews Reiki Master Teacher

Iris Mathews - Head of Pet Holistic Therapies - Reiki Master Teacher
Iris worked for the National Health Service in Community Health, Health Promotion and Mental Health, where she worked with victims and survivors of the Northern Ireland Conflict who were dealing with Trauma and PTSD.
She discovered complimentary therapies in the 1990’s when introduced to Reiki by her son Keith. For over 20 years now she has been a Reiki Master Teacher registered with the UK Reiki Federation and has been delivering healing practices to humans and animals, large and small at her Airisu Holistic Therapy Centre in the Loire Valley, France.
A life long animal lover and a passionate dog owner.  Iris delivers regular Reiki Training Courses and Qualifications to individuals and small groups at our 'Dog Guru Centre' in Northern Ireland throughout the year.
Cole Mathews - Apprentice Dog Trainer

Cole Mathews - Apprentice Dog Trainer
Cole is the youngest member of Team Dog Guru, but certainly not inexperienced.  At 17 years old he is continuing with his full-time Scientific Educational Studies to be used in the future.  However he is no stranger to the world of dogs and has shadowed his Dad Keith for most of his life.  Cole is a multi award winning dog handler, winning his first competition at the age of 8.  He is known to many as the 'Mini Guru' for his many appeareances and dog handling displays alongside his  Dad and his award winning Copperbirch Labrador Chloe. 
Cole is fully involved in all 'Dog Guru' Activities when taking a break from his full- time education.