One to One Dog Training & Behaviour Zoom Consultations

We don't always have to physically work with your dog to be able to help you.

Do you need some behavioural advice concerning your dog but live in a different country or maybe other circumstances prevent you from travelling to our 'Dog Guru Dog Training & Behaviour Centre' in Northern Ireland.

If so, why not arrange a one to one Zoom Consultation with Keith Mathews 'The Dog Guru'.

These 75 minute Zoom Consultations are suitable for all behavioural problems and have helped many people around the world.  If necessary you can pre-send videos highlighting the problems you are having .


Keith will make a comprehensive assessment of your dog and the reasons for its behaviour, he will formulate an action plan for you to follow and discuss with you how to implement it as part of the consultation process.

Keith has a wealth of knowledge which he has acquired over a lifetime from working with all breeds of dogs in different situations.

He has a unique intuitive skill and is able to tune into the energy of those that he works with both human and animal, he prides himself in being able to assist dog owners in overcoming their dog’s problems even when all other trainers and behaviourist's have failed

One consultation is usually sufficient to deal with most behavioural problems.

For further information or to book a Zoom Consultation'  please email us by clicking on the link below or call us on:
0044 773 928 2066